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In physics, the observer effect theory suggests that the mere observation of an event in some way inevitably changes or implicates the event. The concept of the observer effect can often hold true even in a very broad sense. For instance, to measure the electrical resistance of a wire, we apply a current to it, to learn how it resists the current, in ohms (Ω). However, through the application of a current, we increase the heat of the wire and thus the resistance of the wire can increase beyond its natural state resistance. Altering the measurement to some degree.

Another way of explaining the observer effect, is that in order to observe something in its natural state, you (to varying degrees) corrupt/alter its state from what it would have been otherwise (without your interference). So the second you shine a light on something (regardless of what type of light it is, infrared, UV, etc) in order to see it, you’ve already made a foreign implication that has arguably corrupted the observation (more than likely to a minute degree). If you enter an environment bringing with you unfamiliar sounds, smells and visuals, the flora/fauna of the environment are going to react accordingly.

The observer effect is also regularly seen in day to day life whenever anyone holds up a camera, to either record a video or take a photograph. The instant most people are aware the moment is being recorded they often change their behavior (degrees varying, depending on the individual), to better cultivate a representation of themselves they wish to be stored and frozen in time. People often don smiles and cheerful expressions, striking poses. Even someone that isn’t directly with a group of people being photographed will act slightly different to their normal behavior if they’re aware that their presence is being recorded in some way.

So what would happen if you were trying to observe something that somehow, the moment you tried to observe, it always knew? Despite your best efforts, this being was always one step ahead. It didn’t want to be observed, at any cost. This isn’t a new theory, many people that subscribe to the belief in the existence of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yetis believe that hiding from Mankind was and is key to the species survival. Suggesting they were possibly a different evolutionary branch of the Australopithecus (or some other common primate ancestor), who unlike our species and its desperate dependency to technological advancement, they favored literally becoming “one with nature”. The can hear and smell us from miles away. A foreign object like a camera left recording in the woods, looks and smells unfamiliar, so they stay so far from it it never registers their presence. So as far as we’re concerned, they don’t exist and that’s how they like it. Of course, the other possibility, is that they don’t actually exist at all.

The same principal could be applied to the Unidentified Flying Object (piloted by extraterrestrial beings). If an advanced alien race existed, it would be capable of interstellar travel and likely have access to technology we couldn’t even imagine. Means of observing us with eerie precision. Maybe they can look at us through instruments from thousands of miles away (even through walls)? Maybe they can pick up sound frequencies and listen to our hearts beat? Maybe they can even read our thoughts? Maybe they’re aware where and when you’re looking up into the sky and wondering if they exist at all. In most instances they successfully observe us while we remain utterly oblivious. But through slight errors throughout the ages, they’ve experienced their own observer effect on us. Which, if there is validity to the claims and they are connected to advanced alien life, me sitting here writing this text is a result of their observation. My otherwise natural behavior has been implicated by their attempt to observe the human race.

One last example of a paranormal phenomenon that could theoretically be effected by the observer effect is the behavior/appearance of poltergeist. Most ghost sightings seem to share certain similarities. More often than not after relocating or spending time in an unfamiliar place. In most instances when an individual is alone and under a certain amount of duress. No one can actually explain what a ghost is or prove they truly exist. It could be possible, if an incorporeal being did exist, that it connected or portrayed itself to someone through a sort of psychic connection more so than a physical tangible one. The link could be extremely weak and precarious in some instances, stronger and more volatile in others (resulting in sounds, movement, frequent sightings). But then when foreign parties arrive to observe the phenomenon, everything stops. The mere presence of others, and the implications that accompany them could create an observer effect that results in a total lack of paranormal activity.

It’s this seemingly delicate and temperamental nature of the most rare or paranormal phenomenon that leads many to discard the possibility of it ever occurring at all. But just because something is highly unpredictable, nigh undetectable and virtually impossible to observe doesn’t definitively prove that it doesn’t exist.

3 thoughts on “ᴛʜᴇ OBSERVER EFFECT ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ PARANORMAL

  1. Very interesting post. I absolutely believe we are being observed. I will explain how it’s done. Remember in “The Matrix” when a black crossed a path twice they were able to determine that something was changed? When you are off in thought or something flashes by your eye, you turn your head and nothing was there?? For me, what they do is blatantly obvious, and at this point they might as well just land here already. As for ghosts and those souls who have passed on, it would be like my story. Coming from Brooklyn, being too poor for MTV, going back there now after all my success would be like a ghost going back to their “old neighborhood “ from a different plane. They pretend they are a bunch of smarty pants, but they haven’t figured out to get to the other plane and come back and visit properly. Silly aliens.

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    1. I haven’t mustered the strength to attempt to write about Déjà vu yet, but I did really admire how they suggested the sensation of reliving a memory was a sort of glitch in the Matrix due to new changes being implemented (the Wachowskis have made a few really great movies). In regards to aliens and the observer effect another possibility could be a sort of “stress testing”. Where someone/something wants to see how people, on a group or individual level react to seeing something unworldly. It’s possible accidents occur, it’s also possible someone is creating a spectacle on purpose for a reason. The more time you spend speculating the more possibilities you could construct. I’ve done a little bit of research on Brooklyn lately because I’ve been writing a sort of paranormal crime novel set there during the 1970s.

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