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Our observable universe consists of three comprehensible spatial dimensions, height, width and depth. We, like all perceivable matter and known forms of life exist within the realms of these three spatial dimensions. But despite the fact that we cannot perceive or even imagine additional dimensions, that is not an indication that they do not or can not exist. According to some Bosonic string theorists there could be as many as 26 dimensions, with 1 dimension being regarded as time (or duration).

When referring to ultraterrestrials and the interdimensional hypothesis in regards to seemingly “unworldly” inexplicable phenomena, two separate primary stances can be put forward to the basis of their origins/or relationship to our reality.

The first stance, is that our perceivable, seemingly independent reality is one of possibly infinite realities. Generally, this concept of multiple/infinite versions of independent realities, is known as the Multiverse theory. These realities, dimensions, parallel universes, are to our current technological (or spiritual) means, cut off and for the most part, inaccessible to us. But alike the unproven theoretical existence of the multiverse, there is also the unproven theoretical existence of beings capable of traversing these infinite dimensions as they please. Either by their own extremely advanced technological prowess, evolution or design.

The second stance, is that within the theoretical 26 (+) dimensions of our conceivable (and inconceivable) reality, there is a great deal going on that we are currently incapable of perceiving at all. The first dimension, is the x-axis, length. The second is the y-axis, height. The third is the z-axis, depth. The fourth dimension is then generally considered to be time. The dimensions beyond the fourth dimension drift further from our tangible understanding of spatial relation to concepts beyond our physical, measurable universe. Our five basic senses, touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste (along with our other senses, equilibrium, and so on) are all designed to operate within the first four dimensions. Theoretically, if a being could exist in even the fifth and/or sixth dimensions, it would interact with time completely differently to the way we do. Some theorists suggesting that the fifth and sixth dimensions ascend time as a linear construct, but rather a constant of past, present and future. What does this mean, if a being somehow existed or learned to traverse these higher dimensions? Theoretically, they could go anywhere, in all of space and time.

But who or what are these beings?

Advanced/divine/ethereal beings or extremely advanced machines (searching/scanning the entirety of time and space). They could have been appearing in countless forms all around our world, since the dawn of time or beyond. In the guise of UFO, ghostly apparitions, ball lightning or perhaps more commonly, something similar to a microsecond flicker of light completely unnoticed in a room full of people. They could ignore and defy the laws of physics, witnessed during brief encounters before vanishing, more often than not, without leaving a trace.

As illustrated in a topic I covered some time ago, regarding the Infinite Monkey theorem, when you start dealing with the concept of infinite, you are faced with an infinite supply of outcomes. Theoretically, every imaginable outcome you or I could ever conceive, is but a definite, minute fraction of the infinite possibilities, given an infinite amount of time (keeping in mind, some theoretical beings can manipulate and transcend time, all past, present and future). So by the very nature of the proposed theory of ultraterrestrials and interdimensional travelers, to suggest there is ‘one’ singular reason, ‘one’ type of “visitor” to our world would be theoretically impossible.

In many ways, the notion of ultraterrestrials, interdimensional travelers in lieu of a more traditional concept of extraterrestrials to many can seem like an even greater stretch of the imagination. Because it makes the question of “are we alone in the universe?” somewhat more difficult to answer. Because you’re no longer simply asking “where” did that UFO come from, in relation to our universe, but “where” in relation to our reality. Then to make it even more complicated, you now have to ask “when” it came from. Because theoretically, if you yourself witnessed an ultraterrestrial/interdimensional craft shooting across the night sky. You could unknowingly be looking at something that is on the same flight path, spiraling through junctures of time that moments later, passes over earth’s sky 11, 700 years ago. While one of your far distant relatives looks up in awe of the very same craft, seconds (relative to the craft) after you saw it in the present.

Perhaps, ultraterrestrials, interdimensional beings are responsible for life on this planet. To beings that transcend space and time, cultivating a planet for 4.543 billion years would be a relatively simple task. But what if there was a being that transcended the 10th dimension? Or even the 26 dimensions discussed in Bosonic string theory? The seventh dimension uses our understanding of infinity as a reference point that could be linked to separate versions of infinite, still defined by our universes origin of entropy, generally regarded to be the big bang. To perceive the tenth dimension, means to have access to all variations of all infinities and all variations of every timeline, connected to every infinite version of reality. In other words, absolute omniscience. A being capable of perceiving the 10th dimension, would essentially be considered a god.


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