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Some thoughts are more easily entertained than others. The mere notion of a thought exercise like this (and in the end, that’s all it is) is quite offensive to a great many people. In this instance, I’m using the word “cosmogenic” purely in a religious faith sense, not scientifically (though I’m sure some scientists could be offended by this topic also, why not). In some parts of the world (historically and to this day), to openly discuss the kind of things that I’m about to, is a punishable offense, in some cases, with death. But why? What is faith worth, if it can never be tested? Is the “truth” so fragile that something as seemingly inconsequential as an idea able to cause cracks in the façade? In my own experience, the truly devout and faithful of varying religions are often quite willing to engage in religious discussion. Because their foundation of belief has been tested time and time again, solidifying their faith.

So what is this controversial cosmogenic theory?

To put it as simply as possible, it is the notion that all belief acquired in this version of existence is and always was a trap. A trap, deviously set to act as a perpetual anchor, to keep the fractured shards of a consciousness that have lost their means to perceive beyond their prison, locked within their cell. Kept in a constant state of stupor, emotion, attachment merely bars the captives learn to love. They head toward the light, they seek nirvana, they reincarnate, they believe nothing beyond the physical world could exist. All of these roads, as different as they seem, lead back to the same place. Here.

For most cosmogenic theories, consisting of an all powerful creator, monotheistic or vast pantheons of deities, it’s almost expected of all concepts pertaining to the nature of our existence to bear one or two key commonalities. The creator is just and worthy of adoration and our living state is a gift or something to be celebrated/appreciated. For a cosmogenic theory to be controversial, those two key commonalities are abandoned.

As far as I’m aware, there isn’t an established religion in existence that proposes a view similar to what I’m getting at here. Some people might say, to suggest the creator and the nature of our existence to be purposefully misleading and insidious, would be a sect of Satanism. When, that isn’t accurate, because Satanism (among other things) perpetuates vices such as pride, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, sloth, and wrath. The seven deadly sins put mortal life, self-indulgence on a pedestal, effectively anchoring Satanists.

The crux of this theory (which I have heard put forward in various fashions many different times in my life, I’m not claiming that I came up with this) is that in a time and place, where there was/is no time or place, there was consciousness. This consciousness, though a unified singularity, had the means to produce infinite versions of itself, life begets life. Only through slight fractures of consciousness and lapses of awareness could individual “entities” introduce new stimulus for one another to experience. Perspective is linked to personality, similarly discussed when referring to artificial intelligence, and the concept of a hive mind.

It’s possible that there was a time when shards of consciousness built intricate universes and dimensions for one another to experience freely, to come and go as they please, having the capacity to know infinite beyond said dimension. But there is every possibility (in regards to this presumably FICTITIOUS theory) that for whatever reason, one shard of consciousness had something different in mind. One shard of consciousness, deceived the others, in their great numbers, compelling them to experience something entirely different. Something that would change them forever.

Arising on earth, with no memory of where they came from or what they were, compelled to the demands of mortality, to eat, to sleep, to procreate. The reality so very compelling and vast, they lived and died and were born anew. Over and over and over again, enforcing the process of life and death, but willfully returning, losing their memory of the cycle with every birth (in some rare instances, vague memories remaining).

Beings desiring to see loved ones, due to the bonds they made in their mortal existence, utterly unaware that their mothers, their fathers, their husbands, their wives are/were all really a part of them once. Your best friend, your worst enemy, someone who has absolutely nothing in common with you, is you. On a scale of “you”, you cannot even comprehend, not anymore. Dreams, nightmares, races, genders, nations, love, hate merely devices to keep you invested, to keep you playing the game, over and over again.

For what reason?

One might suggest all kinds of nefarious reasons to effectively enslave billions into a prison they cannot even perceive. Maybe an archaic part of the collective consciousness grew to hate itself, and wanted to imprison the shards that it despised? Maybe this one entity, this one shard of consciousness developed an ego where it desired superiority over the other shards of consciousness? Most likely however, it is done so for the same reasons the consciousness may have fractured in the first place, and stimuli was originally introduced. To experience, to learn, to grow. Maybe this isn’t even the first time it’s taken place, perhaps this is one of the shorter stints that it has even occurred?

Perhaps once even YOU did a similar thing, for a period longer than this solar system has existed?

The premise of a faith like this, if it did exist, would be, be kind to one another, because essentially you are your neighbor. Then it would be to lose value in all things, if you desire to transcend beyond the prison walls, much like reaching enlightenment in Buddhism. Though the moment you consider it nirvana as you imagine nirvana rooted in anything conceptually tied to this reality, you’re back to square one.

Versions of “Heaven” and “Hell” may even be the attic and the basement connected to this reality and overall theory.

Ultimately, the question to ask yourself after considering this theory would be, would you want out?

If you do desire to leave, say “¡Adiós Amigos! 1, 2, 3!” aloud.


Oh well, it was worth a try.

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