Orbs of mass, shaped by the will of the universe adorn what we might call the beyond. Estimations suggest the number of planets in our universe exceed 1024. These many orbs (oblate spheroids) formed by the gravitational rotations of time, the laws of nature. The rules imposed upon the behavior of matter and energy, seemingly conjured during some intrinsic union with time and space, essentially during the juncture at which reality as we perceive it, began. Assuming things like our ‘common reality’ can/could truly have a beginning.

It’s when we try to imagine something, anything or even nothing, before what we consider ‘the beginning’, that things start to become convoluted. Something that has been profoundly influential to me (regarding this topic), is something my childhood self stumbled upon. A coping method I came up with during difficult times. Initially, I would practice allowing myself to imagine an alternative to this reality. I would start by imagining the solar system, only the third (planetary) orb from the sun was gone. (Effectively psychologically eliminating all possible conceivable fears/problems, because all concerning trivial affairs not only no longer existed, but had no conceivable connection to the history of said theoretical universe).

Steadily, I let my minuscule understanding of the universe dissolve, and my imagination made its way to something close to what physicists might describe as ‘heat death’ or the fate of the universe. Only there was no mass, no time, no space. At around eight years old, what was once a coping method had become a pastime. A literal passing of time, because I’d discovered a way to mentally check out of reality. Now the challenge was no longer ‘allowing’ myself to imagine this, but attempting to force my mind to believe this was a reality, somewhere, somehow. I could zone out for an hour or so with ease, utterly oblivious to the passing of time.

Only there was something wrong, even in that conjured void, there was ‘something’, that doesn’t belong in nothingness. There was contemplation, a veiled recollection of self, an anchor and a lifeline back to reality. Strangely, even at about 10 years old, with no knowledge at the time of neuroplasticity, I began to understand the thought exercise and pastime was becoming detrimental. So I abandoned oblivion and essentially lost the means to even put myself in that state of mind. The overall experience, and the concept of an individual truly allowing themselves to believe something radically unconventional about the nature of their own reality (or its replacement with another), would later be the inspiration for a book I wrote called, The Book of Madness. (An exercise, that too, proved detrimental.)

When entertaining the concept put forward by René Descartes, “Cogito, ergo sum. ‘I think, therefore I am’, we realize how alone we truly are in our interpretation of this reality. Descartes further explained this sentiment with, “we cannot doubt of our existence while we doubt.” To doubt suggests the existence of some ‘thinking entity’, even if literally everything else is false. But is the fractured mind that harbors multiple personalities capable of truly believing that suggestion is even more substantial than doubt, because the ‘personality’ (or artificial intelligence) doubting their existence, in some rare instances, might actually be right. Existence, by proxy.

Our world is an enigma. You may not think so now, or even any year soon. But for some of us, a time will come when we look over our life, our existence and wonder, “why did I come to be?” Why did our common genetic ancestry forge its way from the Australopithecus afarensis (bipedal ape) to its current state? Immersed in cycles, all creatures behaviors bound to the repetitions, rotations of this world, of our sun. Even with the noticeable changes in the human world, advancement in technology, we continue, time after time, to repeat the same mistakes of history.

It is entirely possible that what we might call ‘meaning’ applied to this reality, is entirely a human superimposition. It is equally possible, that that is not the case at all. Someone once told me the greatest paradox in life, is that the more you come to learn and understand, the more you realize there is, that you don’t know or understand. But what value does a secret hold, once it’s spoken aloud? How much intrigue does a riddle inspire after it’s been solved? As a species, the bulk of us have chosen to spend out our lives here, the blip that it is, pretending as though it all makes perfect sense. Eat, sleep, defecate, procreate, pay your taxes, rinse and repeat. But then there are those, compelled to ask “why?”

If I had to give the briefest explanation to what this blog, ᵀᴴᴱ ORBIS is about, I would say, “a collection of questions (from various aspects) pertaining to the validity and common understanding of our reality.”

On the 27th of July, 2019, I remember hearing someone say something to the effect of, “silence is for the dead, while you’re alive, you might as well speak”. At that juncture in time, the sentiment resonated with me, enough to inspire me to go ahead with plans of pushing myself to attempt to write more publicly. So I decided to go about working towards some sort of writing hub, a blog, I didn’t particularly care what it was. For a title, ᴬᴺ ODD ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ and ᵀᴴᴱ PLANET EARTH ARCHIVES were on the cards, momentarily, but I eventually landed upon ᵀᴴᴱ ORBIS.

ᵀᴴᴱ ORBIS; orbs, rings, rotation, discs, the globe, the earth, the world. Something all encompassing, but singular. Our world, ᵀᴴᴱ ORBIS, is an enigma. Is it by chance alone that the 3rd planet from a sun in the outer spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy is teeming with life? Or has there been machinations underway regarding the purpose of our world, long before our species ever existed? God(s), Extraterrestrials, Ultraterrestrials (inter-dimensional beings), or is it all purely the result of (seemingly) chance random events?

Whatever the answer actually is, all variations are equally incredible, but in my opinion, the strangest concept of all, is that we live in a universe, that by ‘chance’ alone, everything we’ve ever imagined can just, come to be. The mere passage of time and natural processes can achieve what we attribute to supreme sentient beings? That concept isn’t taking away from the majesty and reverence that religions and mythology have offered toward our reality, it’s saying the contrary, life is preordained.

As I mentioned earlier, the laws that govern our universe for whatever reason, by whatever means, were in effect the moment time and space ignited. Meaning, if what happened in our universe occurred an infinite number of times, perhaps in other universes of the theoretical super universe that contains our own. Or even universes that exist in theoretical dimensions separate from our own. How many times would it be theoretically possible for a planet IDENTICAL to Earth to form? Entirely by chance, the nature of physics (which may vary) how many times could have I written this very same text?

Is there some grand unifying theory?

Your guess is as good as mine.

I remember explaining to someone, the premise of a unified theory (specifically) regarding paranormal phenomenon (or the interpretations of such, made by an individual), and was asked, “what does something like déjà vu have in common with a poltergeist sighting?” I replied, “what is déjà vu, if not the ghost of a memory? A phantom recollection, that causes one to do a double take within their mind’s eye, just as one might investigate a room after they witness the appearance of a specter or apparition.”

I suppose the link with all things paranormal, high strangeness, synchronicity, events that by all rights, from what we know of ‘reality’ should not occur (or statistically less frequently), is that they make us question what we know, or think we know about this world.

The catch is, eventually, if you truly desire to know the truth, the anchor and the lifeline back to who you were before, will have to be abandoned. Once you make that choice, nothing will ever be the same again.

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