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The world you see around you, the perceivable state of what you may consider ‘normality’, is not the only world there is. Orbis Arcanus, a secret world, a world that exists beneath the layers of normalcy, and there are many of these secret worlds (some more nefarious than others). They exist all around you, taking the guise of familiarity and order to pass undetected to most, or those who would simply rather remain blind to the stomach-churning eeriness of how deep some of these rabbit holes can lead. You might be thinking I’m referring to fringe esoteric societies, cults? When in actuality, the strangest ‘worlds’, have managed to sit just beneath the veneer of what you see right now. You may be closer to what I’m speaking about than you could ever imagine, yet utterly oblivious.

By this point, you’re likely to assume I’m leading toward some conspiracy theory/theories suggesting the existence of shadow governments, secret societies etc, but the nature of this beast is so complex it’s nigh impossible to expose at this late stage in the game. Ritual abuse, ritual murder, mass suicide, acts of terrorism and the exchange of unthinkably large sums of money, are merely the tip of the iceberg. To illustrate the point I’m trying to make, the general reader is unaware to the fact that by global standards now, the average cost of a human slave is considered to be 90 American dollars. There are more human slaves bought and sold on this planet today than ever before, according to freetheslaves.net (according to IJM.org there are over 40 million people living as slaves in 2020, there are currently more slaves than there are Canadians on this planet). These details are not part of a secret world, it’s very public knowledge and part of your world. Human trafficking is estimated to earn up to 150 billion US dollars annually.

“An estimated 30,000 victims of sex trafficking die each year from abuse, disease, torture, and neglect. Eighty percent of those sold into sexual slavery are under 24, and some are as young as six years old.”


Though tragically ill-fated and in desperate need of global attention to bring justice to their plight, those bought and sold, trafficked like cattle around the world (believed by 2020 there are few countries left that have not been involved with human trafficking in some way) are not who I intended to write about.

All around the world, for as long as time has been recorded, seemingly ordinary people have been disappearing without a trace (numbers of missing persons often increasing and correlating with the population). People of all ages (though primarily children) and walks of life, bound together only by the fact that they are now, the missing.

You’re likely thinking, a missing persons case is generally not considered to be a particularly rare or unique occurrence. In fact, as you’re reading this sentence, multiple missing persons reports are likely being made, simultaneously all around the world. In the United Kingdom, a missing persons report is estimated to take place approximately every 90 seconds. In Australia, it is estimated a missing persons report is made approximately every 18 minutes. Some sources say a child goes missing every 40 seconds in the United States.

Naturally, there are all kinds of reasons why this occurs, some less ominous than others. Many of those reported missing are found within the first 48 hours. There are many unidentified corpses found in morgues around the world, belonging to those that have been lost, that have simply slipped through the cracks of identification. Some individuals, for various reasons willingly make themselves disappear. Be it an unusual suicide or an attempt to break away and start a new life, they are the willingly missing.

“Of the 38,000 missing persons reports submitted to police each year 19,000 or 50% relate to those aged between the years 13 – 17.”


“Approximately 2,300 Americans are reported missing—every day. This includes both children and adults. This does not include Americans who have vanished in other countries, individuals who disappear and are never reported, or the homeless and their children. (Over ~840,00 per year)”


“180,000 people are reported missing every year in the UK, one every 90 seconds, according to figures compiled by the charity Missing People. One in 200 children will go missing, with that number standing at one in 500 for adults. Those numbers have risen in the last decade as round after round of austerity has emaciated the safety net of public services down to a trapeze wire. Drug and alcohol services, mental health provision, housing, stability of employment: nothing is what it was. Society’s cracks have widened, and the number of its lost have almost doubled. In London alone, the number of reported missing person cases has increased 77 percent since 2010.”

Francisco Garcia, March, 7th, 2019. Vice.com

The truly missing, however, seem to up and vanish without a trace, never to be seen or heard from again. No one knows why or how they managed to disappear and no physical remnant of their existence remains. In the U.S alone, it is estimated there is a constant ~90,000 missing people. With some states (Delaware) having up to almost 80% of missing person cases unsolved.

Some estimate that several million people go missing around the world each year (800,000 children alone missing from the U.S each year), though it’s difficult to be certain because large parts of Asia and Africa do not keep track. (About 500,000 elderly people go missing in China every year, or 1,370 a day). It has been suggested that the numbers of missing people from various nations and even globally, are even higher than reported and being purposefully suppressed. Would you really want to know where and why so many people disappear from the face of the planet year after year?

Maybe it’s as we’re led to believe, that it’s generally quite natural to lose track of a % of any given population and that’s all there is to it. But if these numbers seem peculiar to you, if it all seems somewhat suspicious, maybe you’d want to know what fate truly befell these individuals who became nothing more than annual statistics. Of course, learning the truth may involve you stepping out of the world you know, only once you do, its unlikely the world you thought you knew will ever look quite the same again.

In the mean time, watch over your family, your friends and most importantly, yourself, you really don’t want to join the missing.

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