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(Feel free to skip this introduction if you are already familiar with the classifications of ‘close encounter’ types.)

In ufology, when observing (primarily visual) UFO phenomena, there are seven types of encounters (the first three, coined by J. Allen Hynek, in his book, The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry, 1972. The remaining four are believed to have came about organically among UFO theorists/enthusiasts, through speculation, trends, science fiction and commonalities of sightings/experiences).

An encounter of the first kind, is to observe a UFO, within 500 feet (approximately 152 meters), successfully identifying specific visual details of the craft.

Encounters of the second kind, are events of UFO phenomenon, where not only a visual presence is witnessed but it is accompanied by various (perceived) physical implications. This can range from presumed/recorded effects, such as feelings/recordings of extreme temperature change, paralysis, disorientation, headaches, fatigue (deviations in behavioral patterns). These effects can be seen in any forms of life close to the event (humans, animals, insects). Further examples of physical effects include mechanical impedance (engine failure), most commonly reported as vehicles/devices cease functioning, or behave erratically. Impressions in the earth, compressions of vegetation (crop circles), scorch marks on the ground, remnants of foreign chemicals, unusual spikes in detectable radiation levels.

Then there is the encounter of the third kind. These encounters include the (generally visual, though arguably in some cases mentally ‘perceived’) appearance/presence of being(s) affiliated with the UFO. Often believed to be the pilots or occupants of the unidentifiable craft.

An encounter of the fourth kind pertains to cases of alleged abduction (including unsuccessful or failed attempts).

Encounters of the fifth kind, involves direct communication between alien life and a human recipient.

Encounters of the sixth kind, result in the death of an abductee, witness, human or animal. It can also loosely be considered an encounter of the sixth kind if an inexplicable death occurs during the sighting of a UFO phenomenon (if there is cause to believe the events are somehow connected. If there are sightings of UFOs and inexplicable cattle mutilations, many would consider that to be an encounter of the sixth kind).

Lastly, encounters of the seventh kind pertain to the hybridization of Homo sapiens and extraterrestrial life (through various methods).

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21st of October, 1978

At the age of 20 years old, Frederick Valentich was undertaking a training flight over the Bass Strait sea, between Melbourne and King Island, in a small, four-seat Cessna 182L. At 7:06 pm he made radio contact with Melbourne air traffic control over concerns about an aircraft following him and flying directly above him, some 300 meters (984 feet). Frederick’s aircraft was at an altitude of around 1,400 m (about 4,500 feet).

Melbourne air traffic control responded that there was no other air traffic at that altitude. Frederick continued to report that a large strange aircraft continued to overshadow his Cessna, he couldn’t distinguish or name a craft with similar dimensions to what he was looking at. Though he described the UFO as having a shiny metallic surface, with a bright green light source. Frederick made remarks that the craft was moving at high speeds and that he believed at one point, that another pilot was “purposely toying with him”.

Finally, Frederick’s last radio message was, “it’s not an aircraft”.

Soon after Frederick’s last words, the transmission turned into sounds of “metallic scraping sounds” until there was radio silence.

Frederick Valentich (whose father Guido, had later made statements stating that Frederick had considered himself a believer in UFOs and had previously confided fears of being attacked by one) was never seen nor heard from again.

Just like the Kinross Incident, 1953, the pilot and the wreckage remain undiscovered to this day.

(Frederick Valentich, 1978)



(Also known as The Nullarbor Plain Incident.)

20th of January 1988

In the darkness of the hours following midnight, the Knowles family were well into their journey from Perth to Melbourne. They were traveling across the Nullarbor Plain (nulla ‘no’, arbor ‘tree’), South Australia (a notoriously long and isolated stretch of road. Around 1200 km to cross it, via the Eyre Highway. With a lot of nothing in between.) The family consisted of Faye Knowles and her adult sons Sean, Patrick and Wayne.

The otherwise long and dreary journey changed the moment an unusual light was spotted in the distance. A light that would be later described as appearing reminiscent of a single truck headlight. A small orb of light grew and a distant aerial phenomenon quickly turned into a frantic and bewildered chase, across one of the most isolated stretches of road in Australia.

Eventually, the Knowles family claim that the light or the craft attached to it, landed upon the roof of their vehicle with a “clunk”. Before their fear reached its pinnacle, the family car began to ascend. The strange light/craft lifted the vehicle into the air, the car shook violently before falling free, plummeting back to the road, where one of the tyres blew out upon impact.

I wound down the window and I felt this thing on the roof. All of this smoke stuff started coming into the car, the car was covered in black stuff.”

“We thought we were dying, then we got out the car and we hid behind a little tree and the bushes and it couldn’t find us.”

—Faye Knowles, 1988.

After changing the tyre in under 2 minutes, the Knowles family got back on the road (leaving the jack behind) to continue their journey as fast as possible. Though noted the light/craft was seen going after other cars as well as their own. The family estimated their entire unusual experience lasted around an hour and a half, being chased and tormented by this highly unusual flying object.

Eventually, the Knowles family made it to Ceduna, South Australia, where they immediately reported the incident to police. The car was held by police for investigation. The car is said to have been dented and covered in dust, though no unknown traces were said to have been discovered.

(The Daily Mirror reports on the Nullarbor incident.)



(This event takes place in the Dandenong foothills, less than 40 minutes away from Clayton South, where the Westall UFO sighting of 1966 occurred.)

8th of August, 1993

Kelly Cahill’s unusual experience begins with the ending of a night spent with family and friends. After a social visit, Kelly Cahill (27), her husband and three children were taking the car trip home through the darkness of the Dandenong foothills (though it’s believed that other witnesses were present, Kelly Cahill remains the most publicly vocal regarding this incident). At around midnight the UFO appeared overhead.

Initially, Kelly tried to figure out what the UFO was, likening it at one stage to an illuminated zeppelin (similar to the “Scareship” sightings of 1909) but after seeing it perform various aerial feats and get relatively close to the family car, she realized the craft was unusual in many ways. The UFO eventually got so low, hovering silently, so close to the road, that Kelly believed that through the multiple spherical, bright lights of the craft, she could make out figures of moving silhouettes onboard.

After Kelly expressed what she was seeing, the UFO vanished, but soon after, a bright light emerged that seemed to be shining an unnaturally bright light at the car making it difficult for Kelly and her husband to see the road. At this point, Kelly believes she felt an overwhelming sense of calm wash over her, but noticed that a part of the familiar drive vanished from their trip (approximately 1 km or just over half a mile).

At the time Kelly inquired, “what happened, did I blackout?”

Over the following days, Kelly couldn’t shake the experience. Fixated on the belief that something wasn’t right, she continued to search her memory for the missing pieces of that night. Kelly had various medical problems following the event, including severe stomach pains and uterine infections. Through counseling and hypnosis she began to piece together events that she believed compiled the missing events of about an hour of her families life.

Through hypnosis, Kelly eventually came to believe/remember that not only did her family pull over to observe the UFO as it hovered in a field, but that there was another car present, who also pulled over to observe the craft. The passengers of the second vehicle are said to have been unknown to Kelly Cahill, but were convinced the sighting was compelling enough to be reported. Their illustrations of what they believe they saw are eerily similar to Kelly Cahill’s.

Kelly went on to recall that not only did she, her family, and others on the road get out of their vehicles to stand in awe of this 150 ft floating craft, but that there were beings beneath it. 8 or 9, 7′ tall dark entities, that were were black or so dark it looked as though they were standing in lieu of where matter was, now a void. The silhouette was the quintessential alien figure, narrow frame with a large head shaped a bit like a light-bulb, only the eyes were an intensely glowing red.

She recalled that the group split up, some glided toward Kelly and her family, the others she assumes went for the other group or groups of onlookers. All the while the saucer silently hovering in the field ahead of them. She recalled the beings traveled at an unnaturally fast speed.

Some time later on, Kelly would remember through dreams, various interactions with these beings and the UFO. One such interaction was comprehended by her as being kissed on the naval by one of the entities. It was eventually discovered by a physician, that Kelly had a small triangular burn on her naval. When she reached out to some of the other witnesses, she found those women had accumulated various markings, lacerations, and burns they could not account for as well.

Kelly went on to speak of her experience and ufology publicly and wrote about her experience in a book called, ‘Encounter’ in 1996.

(Kelly Cahill, 1993)


What is belief? Is it singular, the understanding of the individual? Is it a claim we can shout in a crowded place without fear of repercussion? Could you honestly allow yourself to believe something, if everyone around you shouted that you were wrong. Does belief evolve naturally, as new stimuli, changing opinions develop and shift? Are trends in belief universal among all living beings? If a belief becomes a detriment to the believer, is the annihilation of the belief similar to the eradication of an otherwise fatal virus? Is the purest unfiltered reality ideal for optimum development and sustainability? A belief may not be a tangible, physical thing, you can’t hear, touch, see or smell a belief, but the implications of belief in this world, are cataclysmic. As the ages turn, what were once considered facts are time and time again, discarded to make way for new ‘facts’ that in time, share the same fate as their predecessors.

Extraordinary claims are extraordinarily difficult to prove. Is it wise to claim that something like alien life, not only exists, but has come to this planet and presented itself to you? Regardless of what the truth is on that matter, some people would suggest it would be in your best interests to harbor such beliefs silently.

Contrary to extraordinary claims of incidents, you cannot so easily dismiss extraordinary claims of experience.

Do you genuinely believe, that Close Encounters of the Third Kind can or have taken place on this planet?

Regardless of the legitimacy of the incident (and the popular meaning attached), is it impossible for you to ever believe the experience could happen to you, or a loved one?

“About 2.5% of the people in the United States believe that they have been abducted by space aliens.”

Psychology Today, 2017


    1. Thanks Arbie. I was considering adding my own theoretical encounter kinds exceeding the seventh (like the idea of a human exposed to an alien civilization) and speculate why the concept of ‘alien-human hybridization’ so often arises. But I’d already gone pretty far off topic, originally it was just going to be about Kelly Cahill’s story.

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      1. That sounds really interesting! Maybe for a future post? I did enjoy reading your own thoughts on the encounters so I’d like to read more of your speculations because I don’t really know a lot about it. I look forward to reading more of your posts either way!

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      2. Yeah, something like ‘beyond the seventh kind’, regarding theories about what happens to the individuals that seemingly disappear without a trace. If they were never discovered, like Frederick Valentich, are his remains and the wreckage at the bottom of the Bass Strait sea somewhere, or could he actually have been taken by a UFO? If you even entertain the possibility that he was taken by someone/something, then what was he further exposed to after he was taken? Then in regards to encounters of the seventh kind, what purpose could hybridization theoretically serve?

        Thanks, I really appreciate that, Arbie.


  1. The Knowles family encounter is truly amazing and with so many eye witness accounts and with plenty of forensic evidence it is very odd the many people can’t understand the truth. I was out on the Nullarbor Plain that night conducting a private military intelligence investigation and have followed this case from day one and have examined most of the information and have spoken to many of the eye witnesses. It is my view that the family were attacked by a paramilitary force in a helicopter that was equiped with an electromagnet attached to the chopper by a long steel cable. You only have to look up Google – James Bond Movie / You Only Live Twice./ helicopter chase / electromagnet, to see that a speeding car can be hoisted off the road using a helicopter and an electromagnet and that movie was in 1963. The Knowles family were not the target of this attack and it was a case of mistaken identity. The helicopter was launched from a marine vessel in the Southern Ocean and It was a simple mission to have an observer group on the highway identify the target vehicle and pass the information onto the chopper crew. When the chopper crew had the identification of the car and its location they flew past the car on the isolated highway and further up the highway turned to face the vehicle. The chopper was hovering a few metres off the road with it’s lights off and waiting for the family. The plan was to switch on the powerful searchlight and night blind the driver of the car in order to force the car off the road at 100 km/ hr and make it crash. The target would them by murdered and the electromagnet attached to the car, lifted off the road and then flown over to the ocean 50 km away and dumped into a watery grave and then the chopper would fly back the the ship, mission accomplished. The problem was the driver swerved onto the other side of the road and this started a cat and mouse game which lasted from 90 minutes and ended with the driver outmanoeuvring the chopper at every turn. During this attack the chopper crew were so desperate to take out the target that they tried the Bond movie manoeuvre but that failed and nearly brought down the chopper. This assassination attempt was carried out with the blessing of Big Business, the Police and others and after the failed attack these traitors closed ranks and used all over their power to confuse and cover up the facts. I have spent 30 years trying to expose this powerful Corporate Cabal but they have proved a force to be reckoned with and have full control of the Politicians, the Media, the Police and the Security Service in Australia. I fear what this world has become as this Corporate Cabal steals our wealth and plunders the resources of my country and We the People are unable to stop them before they destroy our precious world.

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    1. Thanks for commenting William, I can tell you’re passionate about this particular incident, when I searched an interview just now to double check a detail I recalled from the Knowles account to mention here, I noticed a William Buckley had commented on that same video also: Time 1:55 – Mention of a noise ‘like a humming sound’. I wonder if the humming they heard was the sound of rotor blades? During the time the family changed the tyre, in what would have been otherwise silent surroundings, you would imagine the distinct sound of a helicopter even at a distance would be easily recognizable?

      I don’t know a lot about helicopters (specifically of 1988), max capacity lifting apparatus, if all helicopters create the same universally recognizable sound, but what you’re suggesting is entirely within the realm of possibility. You mention the dents on the roof of the car caused by an electromagnet (in one of your comments, or another William Buckley interested in this event), I’ve seen electromagnets used in scrapyards to pluck cars up with relative ease. Certain military helicopters can transport army tanks through the air. So there is a lot of plausibility to what you’re suggesting and I have heard others put the same claim forward. I thought I recalled someone putting the possibility of a helicopter with a lifting device to the Knowles family and they rejected the theory, but I couldn’t find that exchange, so I’m likely wrong about that.

      You also mention in a comment that the helicopter was sighted by a tuna boat in the ocean, mistaking it for their landing ship before eventually plummeting into the ocean after running out of fuel? If that’s the case, the wreckage could be somewhere in the Great Australian Bite to this day.

      However, the level of effort, apparent mistakes and possible deaths of those carrying out this “operation” is the most baffling thing for me to get my head around regarding this version of events (not at all insinuating that the UFO/Alien abduction attempt theory has more credence than this). But someone in 1988, crossing the Nullarbor in a blue ford Telstar was worthy of a James Bond level abduction? You’re suggesting someone/some group, likely very rich and powerful executed an elaborate plan to assassinate/abduct someone, failed to identify the target(s), then failed to execute the abduction. Eventually failing to properly utilize their fuel reserves, failing to identify their landing ship, possibly lost without a trace when the craft fell into the sea with loss of fuel.

      Stranger things have happened.

      If you were conducting a private military intelligence investigation on the very night this incident occurred you would have a far greater insight into these events than anyone else commenting from the sidelines. Being there and privy to military information, 32 years on, do you have any idea who was behind the attack, who was the target the Knowles were mistaken for? Who contacted you to begin the investigation (on the same night it occurred)?

      Very interested to hear any of your insights and even speculations regarding this event. Also interested to hear any of your insights/opinions regarding the ‘Corporate Cabal’.

      Each year around 38,000 people go missing in Australia, there are stories of people (like Otto Hein) who claimed he intended to cross the Nullarbor and was never seen again. Could it be possible that the Knowles family were the target, and their escape was one failure among what are usually successful abductions? That result in only an abandoned car being discovered but no bodies ever found?

      If the abduction (assuming that’s what it was) ‘had’ of been successful, the car hoisted into the night, no one would be talking about a UFO incident, they would have just been a few more forgotten faces on a missing person’s poster. But here we are, 32 years after the fact.


      1. I’m glad you are interested in the truth about this incident. The attack on the Knowles family happened six days before the Bicentennial of Australia and a terrorists attack was being planned. It’s a complex and an elaborate plan by Corporate elites, a paramilitary force that was established in Australia and right wing extremists to change Australia for their benefit. During the attack on the family they were out of the car watching the out of control helicopter swinging around on a steel cable while still attached to the car by the magnet. The helicopter was almost standing upright and was in danger of going tail first into the ground. It was difficult to recognise the chopper at this point because it rotors were kicking up dry desert dust, the searchlight was pointed at them and the pilot was feathering the engines trying to gain control. The family say it made an incredible noise, it made a high pitched humming electrical noise which was the electric rotors and a vroom vroom noise from the engines. Never in the history of helicopter aviation had anybody been underneath a tethered hopper as it’s engines were running flat out. The family say for 15 minutes after this part of the attack their hearing was distorted and their ears ringing SO it was difficult for them to distinguish the tell tale noise a chopper makes. As the helicopter was at an acute angle a deadly cargo became dislodged and a chemical compound spewed out of the chopper and ended up over the family and inside and outside of the car. That chemical was later examined and found to be potassium chlorate an explosive compound used by terrorists to build improvised explosive devices. Another test in the USA found traces of astatine a toxic radioactive chemical that should not be found at these high levels outside of a nuclear facility. So the helicopter was most likely carrying a weapon of mass destruction. There was a paramilitary force in Australia at that time and I believe that criminal elements were using it’s resources to conduct a terrorist attack. This group had a 42 metre vessel that had a helipad and I was told that this ship had been in the area weeks before the attack. I was also told that this group had an electromagnet fitted to one of their helicopters and it was used to retrieve vehicles that had run of the road in accidents when tow trucks or crane couldn’t do the job. This equipment was also used to deliver emergency equipment in steel containers on the gas rigs in the ocean. Within a year after the attack the authorities seized the multi million dollar equipment of this paramilitary force and charged the Chief Executive with a 300 million dollar fraud. It was found that this guy was an illegal German citizen and a wanted criminal. A few days before his trial his was found shot dead in a paddock. A Coroner heard reports that he was secret agent of the CIA and he used the group for gun running and military espionage. You can Google all this by looking at the National Safety Council of Australia. I can’t be certain that they were involved but to me there are a group of interest in this story. Prior to the attack I had spent years conducting a private military intelligence investigation into these terrorists and they all knew that I had everything I needed to destroy them. I had investigated them, opposed them and provoked them and in January 1988 I lured them onto the Nullarbor Plain for a showdown but in a case of mistaken identity they attacked the Knowles family instead of me and my video spy team. It’s the most fantastic story ever told and our spy agency, the corrupt government and the compliant media have to keep it that way or Their Heads Will Roll.

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      2. First of all, thanks for coming back to share this information.

        You’ve mentioned a few interesting things that support your claim, Australia Day, 1988 Bicentennial was 6 days away from the day of the event (January 20th, coincidentally the same date today), and it could have been a desired point in time for a memorable terrorist attack, being an iconic date. Also, ‘National Safety Council of Australia’ despite being based around work safety today, supposedly began expanding as a ‘search and rescue’ organisation in the 80s, then suffered financial collapse in 1989. Before collapse, their closest airbase to the Nullarbor would have been the RAAF Base Edinburgh, SA.

        Do you know the name of the Chief Executive who was charged and later found dead?

        Had this “group” committed previous acts of terrorism to deem them the title of ‘terrorists’? Generally to inspire terror, you make a public act of violence/destruction. Abducting (or failing to abduct) someone in the dead of night on an isolated road nefarious and criminal as it is, isn’t in of itself an act of terrorism. Unless you’re suggesting they wanted people to be afraid to travel the Nullarbor? Did the same group succeed in an act of terrorism before/after this event?

        So certain details you can attest to because you were there that night, you visually witnessed individuals “out of the car watching the out of control helicopter” with a video spy team, did the ‘video spy team’ record any of these events unfolding?

        So to fill in the blanks, the authorities acted against this group, was that due to you releasing the information you possessed that could “destroy them”?

        If everyone else is remaining silent on this, what’s compelling you to speak out? Aside from people not believing this to be a UFO encounter, what do you really want people to understand about this event?

        To put it bluntly, by your understanding, who are/were these people (attempted abductors) and what were/are they doing?

        Again, very grateful for you to return with more information but I’d appreciate any further information toward the identity and intentions of the would-be abductors and how you obtained the information. If they were willing to emulate one thing from a James Bond film, what else were they willing to attempt? I’d even be interested to know your speculations and theories regarding the intentions surrounding an alleged CIA agent and a possible “weapon of mass destruction” in Australia, 1988?


  2. It is my view that an attempted murder of the Knowles family, the conspiracy to murder me and my group who were trying to stop a terrorist attack and the conspiracy to commit mass murder with a weapon of mass destruction are terrorist attacks.There is of course a low threshold for acts of terrorism in my home State. In late 1987 I was considered the four top terrorists in the State and a ten man Counter Terrorist Intelligence Unit was on my case and they were planning to neutralise me to put it kindly. My Facebook page has all of these so called crimes and it also has my full report and my favourite articles which will prove beyond reasonable doubt that my story is true. You can find it, william.buckley.14268. The attack helicopter was launched from a helipad on a vessel about 100 kilometre from the Nullarbor plain and it landed near an outback airstrip. An observer group which were most likely the Police waited for me and my group to pass. By 2.00 they were all getting desperate to commence the attack and when the Knowles family drove by they wrongly identified Patrick Knowles as me and passed the details onto the attack helicopter. This was a simple action to run the target vehicle off the road using the searchlight to force the car to crash. The target group would be most likely murdered and the car lifted by the helicopter using the electromagnet and then flown over the the Southern Ocean, dumped out in the deep and then fly back to the vessel. The helicopter crew could easily do this with the resources they had and return safely and continue their terror mission. The fact was that the driver Sean Knowles swerved around the light beam and avoided crashing the car and then took off up the road, The helicopter then had to risk everything to finish the job. The helicopter chased the family and flew past them and Sean turned the car around and drove the other way. This cat and mouse game could go on for hours and this is time the chopper crew didn’t have. They tried the very dangerous manoeuvre to hoist the speeding car off the road using the electromagnet but as the car was lifted it swung violently like a pendulum making it impossible to maintain lift. The car comes crashing onto the road and starts bouncing along the road at over 100 km/hr. Sean slams onto the brakes and the car is dragging skidding and bouncing along the road and comes to a halt. The family now jump out of the car and watch the out of control helicopter swing around on the cable. The chopper drags the car about 100 metres down the road as the crew tried to get the chopper back to a safe operating level. At that time a truck is approaching the scene so the chopper crew turns off the searchlight and releases the car to fly away. The family race back to the car and start to fix the blown tyre of the car and try to hail the truck to stop but it doesn’t. The family jump back in the car and chase after the truck and the helicopter returns to finish them off. The driver starts swerving all over the road at high speed and foils the attempt to re attached the magnet. They pass the truck and that was the end of that. The helicopter crew are totally in shock and disoriented by what happened to them. They are covered in explosive and radioactive chemicals, lost and very low on fuel and they head into the ocean desperately looking for the landing vessel. 30 minutes after they see a tuna boat and thinking it was the landing craft they head towards it and hover over the deck only to find it wasn’t their ship. That was the last time this helicopter was seen and I hope they crashed into the ocean and perished. These are provable facts by using eye witness accounts and forensic evidence and I fail to see how people can’t see the truth. Most of the confusion comes from the television crew who catches up with the family on the road and quickly signs them up to a bulldust story about Aliens from outerspace for a measly sum of $5000 so that is the story they tell. The family are then put on television when they had been sedated and suffering from shock and trauma and the news commentators tear them to pieces to discredit there account. This is all part of the coverup and everybody falls for this trick and because of fear or the lies nobody but me is trying to solve it. I hope that does answer some of you questions but I can also go on and on because I know nearly everything about this Because I Looked for the Truth

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    1. The act of a helicopter with an electromagnet being responsible for this encounter is entirely plausible. As dangerous and unusual as it is, it is also in my opinion a far more likely explanation to the event than some extraterrestrial attempt of abduction. Using the helicopter to cause the accident was a mistake obviously, one person on the ground with a spike strip and a radio would have been far more effective.

      Naturally, I can only take your word that you were a suspected terrorist in 1987, but if this group was after you specifically, do you think they purely wanted to kill you, or to use you or your remains to frame you for the terrorist attack they were planning to execute?

      Can you share anything about the nature of the information you had on this group, their intentions beyond the abduction?

      In the 33 years since that night, has this group or anyone affiliated with them ever contacted/threatened you?

      Did you share the information (that could destroy them) with relevant authorities?

      When you say you’re trying to solve what really occurred, what pieces of information are you missing in understanding the whole picture? It’s hard to gauge the extent that you are already privy to.


  3. It was an interesting international plan to break Western Australia away from Australia and set up a racist Free State that would take in White Suprematists from South Africa. At the time the First Nation People were seeking Land Rights which would impact on mining and pastoral leases and this would cost the multinationals dearly. The rise of right wing extremism was started in my State in1986 and I hate these bastards so I decide to eliminate them. These right wing extremists had the backing of the Police, Big Business, right wing religious groups and the Conservative side of politics and even some so called left wing politicians. I’m clearly not a terrorists but I’m happy to call myself a freedom fighter who uses street theatre to present my opposition to extremists. My battles with the authorities have raged since the Vietnam days and I had attracted attention from the Secret Service. None the less the Australian Army were happy to train me for three years in the Royal Western Australian Regiment where I really learnt to fight. I stood a lone battle against all these real terrorists and I prevailed. When I returned to my home State after the Nullarbor incidence I made one telephone call to the Counter Terrorists Intelligence Unit and had a meeting. I told them if they wanted to pursue all the cases on me that I would be happy to tell it all to a Court of Law just for fun but clearly the cases were about stopping me investigating the real terrorists and tying up the CTIU into a bogus and time wasting inquiry. With that settled, I detailed my three year investigation and the whole Unit came in to back me up. Within two weeks a new Unit was formed and the detective I spoke with was promoted to Superintendent but the down side was gunmen did a drive by shooting of his family home. That was a huge turning point because that detective was very popular and had been a trooper in the elite SAS Regiment. The next meeting with him was tense and many police and soldiers were now backing me and the new Unit. At the next meeting he had a red scrambler phone with the Prime Minister waiting on the line to authorise me to do everything and anything to crush the right wing extremists. The largest Police operation in the States history was started and that was backed by all the groups. I finished my work and clearly everything was moving to fast out of my control so I sat back and watched as people were arrested and murdered. The killing was on both sides because some of the players were to big to take down and they thrashed their players to protect themselves. The Security Service never spoke to me again but said I had to protect myself and gave me a phone number to ring If I needed help. For me this was just a bit of fun and games and street theatre but lives were lost and the political landscape changed. So what do you think about that.?

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    1. I know very little about Australia’s history of terrorism/extremism but after a brief search I came upon the name, Peter Joseph “Jack” van Tongeren. Individual in Western Australia alleged to have led a group centered around racist views, firebombed and stole from establishments owned by Asians. Imprisoned in 1989 to 2002 for theft and arson. 2006 for similar crimes. So there is evidence of some interest in that kind of ideology in WA around the time period in question. How did you learn about the desire to set up a racist Free State that would take in White Supremacists from South Africa? Secessionism in Western Australia has gained some support again recently.

      Do you recall the name of the Superintendent (or the location, date), who received the drive by shooting of his home?

      So it was Bob Hawke you spoke with? Why did he authorise you specifically and not someone like the Commissioner?

      Do you have any names of anyone involved, charged, murdered during this time?

      How did you lure them out, you mentioned you lured them out for a “showdown”? How did you initiate that?

      I think its a very interesting series of events you’re proposing. The least disputable, being that a group of people or lone pilot, could have intentionally or accidentally murdered an innocent family, for no clear reason. Large scale police operations, arrests, murders, large groups of staff replaced, these kind of things usually leave a paper trail to substantiate what you’re saying. If you could get these records, the elements that all contribute to this account (which you may already have) you could paint a clearer irrefutable picture. If you can get the crucial pieces to legitimise and substantiate these claims, you could be publishing a tell-all regarding a truly bizarre and troubling event in Australia’s history. Unfortunately, without tangible evidence, you’ll still be competing with the UFO theory for legitimacy.

      Even if you just recall dates, places, names, there could be a correlation that you haven’t noticed before.


      1. You do ask if my life has been threatened. I have moved House 13 times and changed my name twice. The Unit said that no State or Federal Police can come near me and it’s open season on anybody that tries. Sounds like a script from a movie but this is what happened, Central to the Troubles were the League of Rights and Jack Van Tongeren was linked to them. You can go to Wikipedia and look at the League of Rights, Jack Van Tongeren, John Friedrich, fraudster of the National Safety Council, Lang Hancock who started the Succession Movement and wanted to poison aboriginal people to stop them claiming Land Rights. So all these things I talk about are common knowledge. The Chairman of the Watchdog Committee of ASIO Keith Wright gave huge report on the League of Rights in our Parliament and so did Senator Boswell from the National Party. The League was described as a racist and anti Semitic group that was the most well funded racist group in Australia. Keith said the League was a destructive and subversive group that thrive in times of hardship and had infiltrated thousands of organisations and associations spreading their philosophy. I gave my report to Keith and a couple of days after the whole media core was on my doorstep wanting to know more. There is a picture of me on my front step with a rifle in hand in the newspaper giving the evil eyeball to readers. The Watchdog Committee believed my story but the politicians called it a beat up. Shortly after that Keith was investigated and it was found he was having sex with children and he was sent to jail. Don’t mess with me. If the National Safety Council was involved in the events surrounding the Knowles family heads would roll. The NSC was a not for profit charity and in a couple of years big banks gave them $300 million to build a powerful paramilitary force. They had landing rights to the military bases on the Eastern Seaboard, were working with ASIS and training with the SAS to raid our Gas and Oi rigs. John Friedrich was given the Order of Australia when he was an illegal immigrant and a wanted criminal and the Governor General was a patron of the NSC. The Board of the NSC has many of the most powerful organisations from Government and Business and if it could be proved that elements of the NSC were involved in military espionage then Heads Were Going To Roll. This is why we have a situation that everything I have talked about is in the public domain but nobody and I mean nobody will ever open this Can Of Worms except me. I have my report in the hands of the powerful Federal enquiry looking into Right Wing Extremism in this country but I won’t be holding my breath and wait for these yellow bellied cowards to even glance at the detailed reports that I have spend years risking everything for. Such Is Life.


  4. The story I tell has been given to every media organisation in Australia, politicians, the Police and the Watchdog Committee of ASIO and I doubt this story will ever be told by any of them. It was Jack Van Tongeren that initiated my investigation. The Australian National Movement started plastering my town with racist litter calling for a war on Asians, Coloured people and Jews. I noticed a poster at my local hotel that was placed on a fibre board, covered in plastic tape and nailed high. This looked like an ANM HQ and I started the investigation there. This was a spiritual gift because the hotel was on the highway in between where I was born and where I trained in the military. This investigation led me to the Southern African spy cell and an espionage plot. The town was plastered in 1000’s of racist posters so I went out and defaced them with anti racist threats to see what would happen. I was stopped and threatened by the police and they started to close in on me. I found other groups who shared the same sentiments like the League of Rights who were linked to the Succession movement, the rich and powerful and political parties. Apart from being White Supremacist they all hated the First Nation People and I believe they had an action to defeat the Mabo Land Rights Court Action to protect their future wealth. From 1986 to the late 1987 I gathered evidence, fought them in a street action and infiltrated the thoughts and minds with any tools that was at my disposal. The League were spreading rumours the the First Nation People had a black Army training with Russian weapons and the media told stories of a Bus Tour going to Sydney, the article said Black Army set to strike. I tried to join that bus tour and offered to video the event but four black South Africans activists forced me out. I was then I set up a spying operation with three friends to follow the buses into the desert. Through my contacts and big mouth I let my enemies all know that I would be following the buses onto the Nullarbor hoping for a showdown. Sadly I miss calculated the departure of the buses and was a couple of hours in front of them. On the evening of the attack the buses, me and my team, the observer group and the helicopter were all present on the Eyre Highway and in a case of mistaken identity the Knowles family were attacked instead of me. The gods must be crazy. Anyway I returned home to find that the insurrection had started anyway and Asian Restaurants were being firebombed. Clearly the police couldn’t care less because posters were put on the windows of Asian businesses and firebombs were later thrown in those businesses. My investigation found a huge amount of explosives in the goldfields that I had blown up, a rifle range with military weapons and a safe house with $400,000 of stolen loot. One word from me and that was the end of them all. People were killed, ASIO reported that two people that worked with them were killed by right wing extremists and when the UNiT took action the ANM brutality murdered one of their own who they thought had betrayed them and It was me who was giving all the information. The Chief of the National Safety Council told people that he was told to kill himself or his family would be harmed. One day I had a conversation with the Superintendent of the UNIT who asked me was I killing all the people I informed on and I said NO, but I am having them killed. In these close nit groups everybody has a pet name and my name was Death and Hell followed with me.


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